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Reports for Dragonsfall Weyr

February 1st 2007

It's been a busy month a Dragonsfall Weyr. There have been accidents, births, and promotions.

Congratulations to Nialyn and Birigundi on the birth of their baby girl, Lyndi.

goldrider Teseada seems to have been spending a lot of time with bronzerider Y'nub lately. Her friend Karri overhears the bronzerider talking with a friend about a bet to win Onnyth's mating flight and while she's hurrying to tell Teseada she slips and falls. U'kaiah takes her to the infirmary. She tells Teseada who then wants to confront Y'nub.

Maiz goes to U'kaiah to talk to him about her problem and he reassures her that T'nac couldn't take the baby from her. She talks with T'nac and he wants to be involved in the baby's life, but she doesn't want him to be. She goes back to talk to U'kaiah and doesn't really like the answers he has to her questions especially when it comes to not being able to keep her baby and not foser it.

Abrei comes to see N'vanik and ends up having sex with him. It makes him feel guilty and when he talks to Talyrne she tells him that he makes her feel better. The assistant headwoman comes to tell Talryne that she needs to move her things out of the weyr and inquires about whether or not she needs a weyr of her own elsewhere.

U'kaiah has received his wingleader knots back and will once again be leading Cyan wing.

Written by Roxanne as L1

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