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Reports for Dragonsfall Weyr

January 26th 2020

L'keri's son Arten runs away from Dragonsfall Weyr while his father is recovering from injuries at Dolphin Cove. Headwoman Yanley and Weyrwoman Saibra make preparations and provisions to find the missing Weyrbrat.

Ninaine gives birth to N'call's twins. She is visited some days later by Saibra. Saibra finds Ninaine in distress and offers to take the twins for a while so that the greenrider can get some sleep.

F'lin visits Lanniya to spend time with her before Santhiath's eggs at Dolphin Cove hatch.

Saibra and Lanniya catch up with one another, remarking on Saibra's progress in dealing with her eating disorder. They also discuss the bronzeriders in their lives, who they would prefer to be in flights with, and why the bronzeriders at Dragonsfall don't seem as obsessed with goldriders as the ones at Dolphin Cove.

Harki's green Cerilith rises and is caught by Ma'din's brown Aznith.

K'yne promises Erivana that he will be at her healer appointment but he has to break that promise when Arinoth wins a green flight. The two reconcile the missed appointment and discuss possible baby names for their unborn child.

Erivana is unexpectedly visited by K'yne's sister Emyai, who encourages Erivana to explore a relationship with the brownrider.

Weyrleader K'reyel visits with Saibra, giving her a much needed neckrub, while discussing Saibra's need for a Wingthird.

Written by Heather as L2

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