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FAQ / Life on Pern / Weyrlife: General Information

Last updated 27th April 2005 by Bree

The Weyrlakes at DFW

There are TWO weyrlakes at DFW. The summer lake (on top of the plateau) and the winter lake (in the base level cavern).

The winter lake is heated from springs beneath it, with a constant temperature, and while the cavern it's in is too large to be heated, it maintains a fairly constant temperature that's warm enough for scrubbing a dragon, so swimming wouldn't be a problem.

The summer lake on the top is also spring fed (there is a small creek that runs down the back of the plateau near the steep 'goat-trail' they use to bring up livestock). But while the spring is warmish outputting into the lake, during the winter the air temperature is very cold. I don't think it would completely freeze solid, but there'd definately be days it would have ice, particularly when the temperature has dropped below freezing by several degrees and stayed there.

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