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FAQ / Life on Pern / Craft Information / Harper Craft / Journeyman Life in the Harper Hall

Last updated 27th July 2005 by Bree

Promotions for Journeymen in the Harper Hall

In order to be promoted to master, a journeyman must first meet the criteria of age, length of time as a harper, and aptitude in the various craft skills. In addition there are two other stipulations: Hall or general harper population must be large enough to warrant the addition of a new master, and the journeyman must have exhibited exceptional competence in his area of specialization. Apprenticeships normally start at age 12, with the earliest advancement coming at age 15: with three turns of study, a promotion to Senior Apprentice is possible. The next benchmark is at age 18, with six turns of experience, to Junior Journeyman, then at 21 and nine turns of experience, Senior Journeyman. A journeyman will not considered for mastery before age 30, with eighteen turns of study and service. Of course, all of these are dependent upon the Hallmaster and the other Masters: promotions only take place with their approval, and will be evaluated on the basis of participation and knowledge of the craft.

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