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FAQ / Life on Pern / Craft Information / Harper Craft / Journeyman Life in the Harper Hall

Last updated 27th July 2005 by Bree

Journeymen Studies and Duties at the Harper Hall

While life for journeyfolk in the Hall is not quite as structured as that of apprentices, demands on time may be even stricter. Those who remain at the Hall after receiving their journeyman's knots, are expected to teach apprentice classes, as well as pursue their own specialized studies. In addition, all journeymen are expected to contribute their talents in performances, so must rehearse on a regular basis, both with the chorus, in ensembles, and individually. Performances may be at local Hall or Hold, or for special occasions at another location. The Hallmaster or the Hallsecond determine which harpers will be called upon to leave the Hall to perform.

In addition, some journeyfolk actually "journey". They are sent to reside at other Holds, Halls, or Weyrs, to teach the children of their new homes. They also provide entertainment and arbitration, perform handfastings, and keep an eye out for likely apprentices. Others are sent on teaching circuits, traveling from one small holding to another, performing duties similar to the more settled type of journeyman. While away from the Hall, all harpers are expected to keep notes of trends and opinions, with any pertinent information being passed along to the Harper Hall leadership as quickly as possible.

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