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FAQ / Life on Pern / Craft Information / Vintner Craft

Last updated 22nd July 2005 by Bree

Vintner Hall Description

The Vinter Hall is situated a quarter candlemark walk east from Amethyst Cliff Hold. Like it's neighbor, the Hall is built of sandstone, and comes complete with blue slate roof and floor. A sandstone arch is built over the main entrance with a wine barrel gracing its apex. The two-story building is surrounded by acres of beautiful vineyards. It is able to house 100 comfortably with offices, sleeping quarters and all other necessities for daily living.

Upon entering the Hall, a grand staircase rises up on both sides, leading to the second floor where the staff reside. The plagues did not leave the Vintner Hall unscathed: currently there are just 50 staff residing at the Hall.

Being so close to a Woodsmith Hall has given the Vinter Hall the privilege of having a wooden press and two beautiful carved tables for sorting the grapes. Wooden barrels for the storing of the wines are also easily accessible. Four large sandstone vats, for fermenting the wines are located in a room off to the left. Here Apprentices stir the fermenting wines with wooden paddles. Knee high kegs are surrounding the area, waiting for the time when they can be filled and removed for further aging.

Outside in the courtyard there are wine tasting tables, where visitors are allowed to sample wine. They can also purchase wines for special occasions, such as birthingdays, turn days, and anniversaries. Down a staircase to the right are the cellars, where the wines are stored until they are needed. Large ventilation shafts insure proper aeration and cooling to keep the wines at the correct temperature. The door to the cellars is locked and only a few have the key and access to the heavily guarded wines.

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