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Dragonsfall Weyr
Despite the return of Threadfall and the frequent leadership changes it has caused, Dragonsfall has managed to survive. Their Weyrleader and Weyrwoman make quite a team and don't ask their riders to do anything they aren't willing to do or have done themselves. Being one of the first weyrholds in the South, the Weyr has a lot of history and a unique design. There are three levels of the cliff that house the dragonriders and the weyrfolk. The ground floor is facing a expansive plain, and the weyrlake and stables are atop the large plateau. There are plenty of things to do and see at the Weyr.

Amber Hills Hold
Amber Hills is situated in the perfect location - hot summers, cold winters, wide open spaces snuggled into the foothills of the Great Western Barrier range. It is a land full of potential for farmers and beastherders, woodsmiths and vintners. The only thing Amber Hills lacked was people. After the Plague that devastated the South, the Hold found itself with only half the population it once had. Now, a devastating earthquake has prompted the entire population of a neighboring Hold to descend on the valley, along with its two crafthalls. Maybe now, more than forty turns after the Plague, Amber Hills can live up to its potential and become the great Hold its Lords always dreamed it would be.

Vintner Hall
Beauty is being grown from the seeds of destruction at the Amber Hills Vintner Hall. Though they suffered a devastating earthquake that destroyed their Hall and the terrifying landslide that followed, the members of the Vintner Hall have not given up. Shifting just over the border into Amber Hills territory, the Vintners are hard at work cultivating new crops and expanding their list of brews now that they have access to the famous Amber Hills Hops.

Dolphin Cove Weyr
Located in the lush tropics right on the shoreline, Dolphin Cove Weyr is well-known for its unique location and its fabulous weather - and it certainly makes this Weyr one of the most sought-after homes for many transferring dragonriders. After the hurricane destroyed Topaz Seahold, the Weyr reached out and pulled the Dolphin Hall under its protective wing. And when a fire destroyed what was once the Harper Hall, Dolphin Cove generously offered to house those who had survived until their Hall could be rebuilt. Now they're housing a group of technicians while the Weyr is upgraded.

Dolphin Hall
Just a jaunt down the coastline from Dolphin Cove Weyr, the Dolphin Crafthall offers its services to the people of Southern Pern. As a northerly aligned Hall, all young people, male or female, are accepted into the craft, allowing for an atmosphere of diversity and mutual respect between the sexes. The calm waters of Dolphin Cove are filled with activity these days, with the local pod working on a number of projects with their dolphineer partners.

Emerald Falls Hold
Built into the cliffs beside a powerful waterfall, the grandeur of this Hold is not easily forgotten by those who have seen it. The warm and hospitable climate is perfect for farming, and the river trade has brought wealth and prosperity to generations of inhabitants. However, Emerald Falls is a deeply conservative place and its young Lord Holder is notorious for his arrogance and hot temper. Frequent clashes with the Weyr and neighbouring Holds mean that tension is always in the air.

Harper Hall
The Harper Hall has finally moved back to Emerald Falls. The Hall is fresh and new with plenty of room to grow. This is where the music that rouses spirits is written, educators of the next generation are molded, and keepers of Pern's history and culture are bred. Whether it is through music, art, verse, arbitration, education, or information, not a soul remains untouched by the craft of the Harper Hall. Nor of its sister discipline the Printers who are also housed within it's walls.

Barrier Lake Weyrhold
Barrier Lake Weyrhold is right on a cove of Barrier Lake just north of the Western Barrier Range. The location is temperate with mild winters and warm summers. The location was discovered late in the ninth turn of the tenth pass and developed as a replacement for the destroyed River Bluff Weyr. It is currently under construction with lots of opportunity in the nearby crafter town, and the minor hold nearby. Healer Hall has selected the location for a small clinic to serve the area.

Sunstone Seahold
Not long ago, this area was a rag-tag collection of fishing and mountain cots, disorganized, isolated, and slowly vanishing back into the beautifully diverse sub-tropical landscape. Now it has been amalgamated into one Major and prosperous Hold. Sunstone has become a land of opportunity and second chances, inviting settlers and crafters, honest men and the occasional well-behaved pirate - a true melting pot of Pern!

Elsewhere on Pern
Not everything happens in Weyrs, Halls and Holds! What about bandits who prowl the forests? What about those who are Holdless? Where can you find boats at sea, mines, logging camps and trader caravans? Elsewhere on Pern, of course!

River Bluff Weyr
With a tropical setting and a gorgeous beach, many prefer the lush climate of River Bluff to the cold of Dragonsfall. Don't like the sea? Then try the river, it twists and turns like the lives of the Weyrfolk. River Bluff is not to everyone's taste, the heat can be oppressive, but it lacks the cold of the winters at places such as Dragonsfall, which many people enjoy. The Weyr itself is made up of many natural, and artificial caves, the most popular being those with views of the sea. Location Destroyed by Earthquake and Tsunami m12 t7.

Seacraft Hall
Not far down the coast from Sunstone Seahold the newly established Seacraft Hall is taking shape. The naturally deep bay lends itself beautifully to the activities and needs of this active craft. This is where you'll find the salty sailors teaching their craft to a new generation. At any time you will see one or more ships being built in their dry docks. If you want to move cargo or passengers anywhere the waters of Pern reach or you need help salvaging a lost craft, Seacrafters trained by the Hall will be found in all major ports. Location Destroyed by Earthquake and Tsunami m12 t7.

Triad Weyrs is a post-AIVAS Tenth Pass PernŽ club operating with the permission of Anne McCaffrey as an offline pbem ('play-by-email') club, founded in February 2000. AIVAS' plan did fail, but a 1200 turn Interval made the world nearly forget Thread existed. With technology levels similar to 1800's Earth, not everything taught by the ancient machine has been lost, even with the return of the old menace. In the South, women don't have the rights they do in the North, and only Thread's return has given them a chance at regaining them.

We operate as a stricter club canon-wise, and aren't the club for everyone, particularly if you like such alterations of PernŽ as female blueriders and tattooed Lord Holders running amuck amidst their holders. We are PG-17. No, that doesn't mean the list revolves around those scenes other clubs 'fade-to-black'. It means that subject matter of a graphic nature can appear. Our scenario means that abuse and other strong-content storylines can be posted, so consider it a wee warning before you join. Use the buttons and links above and to the sides to learn more about us and we hope to have you join us!

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